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Bruce Druliner demonstrates how to throw both the tomahawk and a throwing knife. He also tells how this probably only happened in the movies since real Mountain Men would not have wanted to lose their weapons.

Bruce, a Palomar Mountain resident, created the Mountain Man Living History Presentation and performs as Burnt Spoon at schools, libraries, camps, and museums. He learned about the lives of mountain men through extensive reading and research. He has also worked as a park ranger, tour guide, ranch hand, musician, and square dance caller. Part of the year, Bruce can be found in Old Fort Benton, Montana, guiding tours and interpreting history. Find out more about Bruce on his My Palomar Mountain web page.

Find more information on these subjects in our library catalog: Knives. West (U.S.) -- History -- 19th century. 

Title:  How To Throw the Tomahawk and Knife 
Author/Creators: Bruce Druliner, Tom Carroll, Adrian Garcia
Website: http://www.mypalomarmountain.com/brucedruliner/
Description:  Bruce Druliner demonstrates how to throw both the tomahawk and a throwing knife. 
Subject: Knives. West (U.S.) -- History -- 19th century. 
Date: April 26, 2012
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