Making Pasta from Scratch - Part 4 - by Pat Mues

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Patricia Mues shows how to create noodles with a knife or a pasta maker. She also shows how to make lasagna noodles. 

Mues moved to Escondido from New England 13 years ago and has taught cooking through the City of Escondido Recreation Department.  A professional writer and amateur cook, she believes making and sharing food allows people to come together and share their stories.  "For me, the kitchen is the place to relax, slow down and enjoy creating delicious food.  That's a way to make wonderful memories." She shares what she loves about cooking and living in Escondido in her blog, My Escondido Kitchen.

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Title: Making Pasta from Scratch - Part 4
Author/Creators: Patricia Mues, Tom Carroll, Adrian Garcia
Description: Patricia Mues shows how to make pasta noodles from scratch.
Subject: Cooking, Italian. Cooking (Pasta).
Date: June 18, 2012
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