The Escondido Public Library is looking for our community's experts to contribute videos and podcasts to LibraryYOU,
our online educational community collection.

Step 1:
Identify a topic.


What skill or knowledge would you
like to share with your community?

Need help? Check out our list of

Step 2:
Record a video or podcast.


Not sure how? Attend a class or
read our Tips & Tools blog.

Step 3:
Submit your video or podcast.

woman with laptop

LibraryYOU staff will evaluate it
for inclusion on the website.
How to submit a video or podcast. 

See General Rules
Selection Criteria.


General Rules

  • You must live, work, and/or play in Escondido.
     We strongly prefer that you be an Escondido Public Library cardholder (Find out how to get a library card. It's free, quick, & easy!).
  • All submissions must be original.
    Also, please do not submit material which has been posted online or submitted elsewhere.
    No copyright infringement or plagiarism. This includes background music. Find royalty-free music to use in your videos.
  • No advertisements or endorsements.
    Videos and podcasts may not contain any endorsement, solicitation, or commercial content advocating
    for political issues, commercial products or services.
  • Videos may be no longer than 10 minutes and podcasts no longer than 30 minutes. 
  • Release forms must be submitted for every person featured in the video or podcast.
    Download a release form. 


Selection Criteria

 All videos and podcasts selected for the LibraryYOU collection must meet the following criteria:

  • Instructional and educational
    We are looking for how-tos, tutorials, or short lectures on a variety of topics.
  • Authority of the author/presenter
    We want experts - people who have taken time to gain experience and skill about their topic.
  • Accuracy of content
    Please confirm that all content is factual. Need help? Talk to a librarian to get help with research.
  • Relevance to community
    We are looking for topics of interest to many people within the Escondido community.
  • Timely or has long-term significance
    Topics must be of interest to today's society and/or be of interest for many years to come.
  • Objective
    Content should be fair, factual, and nonpartisan.
  • Suitable for community
    We are looking for general interest topics that may be understood by an average high school student.
  • Clear picture and sound
    Please pay attention to lighting, video quality, and sound. Content must be seen and heard without difficulty.