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Local historian, Lucy Berk, has encyclopedic knowledge of the Old Escondido neighborhood. In this video she explains all the resources the Escondido Public Library's Pioneer Room provides to help a researcher discover information about their historic Escondido home. From maps to biographies to yearbooks, researchers can discover what their home was like 100 years ago and who the people were who lived in it.

Lucy Berk has an MA degree in Public History from the University of San Diego and worked for the Times-Advocate newspaper for 23 years. She helped establish Escondido's historic preservation ordinance and served on both the Historic Preservation Commission and the Design Review Board. She also wrote the book, Escondido Grape Day Festivalsand is a member of the Escondido Public Library's Pioneer Room Friends

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Title:  How To Research Your Historic Escondido Home 
Author/Creators: Lucy Berk, Tom Carroll, Adrian Garcia
Description:  Lucy Berk lists the resources available at the library to research a historic Escondido house. 
Subject: Escondido (Calif.) - history.
Date: October 10, 2012
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