Gina McBride interviews Jack Anderson, Chair of the non-profit Escondido Library Foundation (ELF), for her Radio Talk Cafe podcast. ELF is the fundraising arm of the Escondido Public Library and in this interview, Anderson talks about the library expansion project, fundraising efforts, and the library's future.

McBride also interviews Donna Feddern, Escondido Public Library's Digital Services Manager, about the LibraryYOU project to share local knowledge through videos and podcasts. Feddern talks about how she came up with the idea and how community members can contribute to the project.

Gina McBride is a community leader who has served as a chairwoman for the Chamber of Commerce as well as on the boards of organizations such as the Mottino Family YMCA, New Village Arts Theatre, and the Carlsbad Library & Arts Foundation. She started the Starfish Leadership Award program to honor people who have made a difference in the lives of others and was recognized as a Carlsbad Citizen of the Year in 2012.

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Title: Gina McBride: Escondido Library Foundation and LibraryYOU
Author/Creators: Viktor Sjöberg, Gina McBride, Jack Anderson, Donna Feddern
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