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Heather Patton uses a cake dummy to demonstrate how to practice applying fondant icing. She shows the tools needed and discusses tips for keeping the fondant smooth. 

Heather has been in love with cooking since she was a child and is the owner of the All Things Sweet and Wonderful Bakery where she creates custom cake art. Her cake pops, cookies, and chocolate strawberries are available on Sundays at the North San Diego Certified Farmers Market in South Escondido. She's also an award winner - her peach pie won an award at the San Diego County Fair and she and her team took first place in the 2011 Gourmet Expo live cake competition.

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Title: Introduction to fondant icing
Author/Creators: Heather Patton, Tom Carroll
Website: http://www.sweetandwonderful.com
Description: Heather Patton demonstrates how to practice applying fondant icing using a cake dummy.
Subject: Cake. Cake decorating. Wedding cakes. 
Date: March 7, 2012
Item Type: videorecording
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Duration: 00:07:39
Resolution/Bitrate: 1920x1080
Size: 1114.76MB
Digital Publisher: Escondido Public Library
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Identifier: 438941



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