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Expert quilter, Donna Poster, shows examples of quilts made with her Foldy Stuff quilting technique, then demonstrates how it is done. 

Donna is a nationally known author, teacher, lecturer, and TV personality. She has written five books on rotary cutting quilts and design patterns for her husband's company, Holiday Designs. These include over fifty applique patterns and the very popular Foldy Stuff. Donna has also been seen often on HGTV's Simply Quilts, taught Home Economics for seven years, and owned a quilt shop in Dallas, Texas for seventeen years.

Raised under a quilt frame in Pennsylvania Dutch country, she is popular for her knowledge of quilting, her love of teaching, and her outrageous sense of humor! Her quilting website is called Donna's Place.

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Title: Quilting Techniques: Foldy Stuff
Author/Creators: Donna Poster, Tom Carroll
Website: http://donnaposter.com
Description: Expert quilter, Donna Poster, discusses her "foldy stuff" quilting technique.
Subject: Quilting.
Date: January 30, 2012
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Duration: 00:06:14
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