The Escondido Public Library Pioneer Room houses the Library’s archival material pertaining to Escondido and its surrounding area. In addition to the archives, books on California history, local and regional histories and genealogy are available.
Through closely following a research question brought to the Pioneer Room by Rusty Rodes, a San Diego County Park ranger, this video shows how to perform local history research.

This video was produced in collaboration with Alexa Clausen of the Friends of the Pioneer Room. The Friends of the Pioneer Room is a non-profit organization that supports the Escondido Public Library's local history collection through organized fundraising projects such as the sale of the Pioneer Room Calendar each year.  The group also sponsors local history and genealogy events.

Find more information on these subjects in our library catalog: Escondido (Calif.) - history. 

Title: Researching Escondido History in the Pioneer Room
Author/Creators: Alexa Clausen, Rusty Rodes, Viktor Sjöberg.
Description: Following a research question brought to the Pioneer Room, this video shows how to perform local history research.
Subject: Escondido (Calif.) - history.
Date: October 21, 2013
Item Type: videorecording
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Duration: 00:07:19
Resolution/Bitrate: 1920x1080
Digital Publisher: Escondido Public Library
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