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Tom Carroll demonstrates three ways to sketch concept characters. 

Tom Carroll is a professional artist and writer. He has helped make many popular video games, including the Midnight Club Racing series and Red Dead Redemption. One of Tom's passions is creating characters and this has led him to use the three techniques demonstrated in this video. His outlandish sketches of various human, alien, and monster faces form the foundation for an action sports brand called "Face ON!" 

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Title: How to Draw Concept Sketches
Author/Creators: Tom Carroll, Adrian Garcia
Description: Tom Carroll shows three ways to sketch concept characters.
Subject: Drawing - Technique.
Date: June 28, 2012
Item Type: videorecording
Digital Format:
Duration: 00:10:52
Resolution/Bitrate: 1920x1080
Digital Publisher: Escondido Public Library
Rights: This digital file may be used for educational purposes,
as long as it is not altered in any way. Prior written permission
from the Escondido Public Library is required for any other uses.


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