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Cathy Carey discusses the basic concepts involved with color theory in this 4-part series. In Part II, she discusses how to manipulate color in your artwork by understanding temperature (warm vs. cool), value (light vs. dark), and saturation (brilliant color vs. neutralized color).

Originally from the east coast, Carey now calls Escondido her home where she has her studio. Her paintings have won numerous awards in juried shows and have been in galleries in Virginia and California. She has taught several courses on color theory including one at The Art Institute, San Diego. Find out more about Carey's paintings and teaching on her website: Cathy Carey Art Studio

Find more information on these subjects in our library catalog: Color in art. Color - terminology. 

Title:  Color Theory, Part II: Three Ways to Manipulate Color
Author/Creators: Cathy Carey, Tom Carroll, Adrian Garcia
Website: http://www.artstudiosandiego.com
Description:  Cathy Carey shows how to manipulate color in your artwork by understanding temperature, value, and saturation.
Subject: Color in art. Color - terminology.  
Date: August 11, 2012
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