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Beekeeper and bee advocate Geoff Kipps-Bolton explains how bee behaviors like self sacrifice, solidarity, and commitment could teach humans a thing or two to make our lives much better.

Kipps-Bolton has been keeping bees since 1988 in his native England and now lives in California where he has a bee removal business. He is the author of the book, Start Beekeeping by Next Weekend and has put out a DVD called Swarm Collection. He also maintains two websites about bees: Bees on the Net and The Bee Advocate.

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Title: Lessons we can learn from bees
Author/Creators: Geoff Kipps-Bolton, Tom Carroll
Website: http://www.bees-on-the-net.com/
Decription: Geoff Kipps-Bolton discusses bee behaviors that would also be helpful for humans.
Subject: BeesBee culture.
Date: October 9, 2012
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Duration: 00:06:14
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