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Beekeeper and bee advocate Geoff Kipps-Bolton goes through the steps required to relocate a swarm of bees from a perch high atop a tree to a portable hive located nearby. Geoff has done this activity hundreds of times, so he is used to the behavior of bees. He did not wear a protective suit, but advises others should wear one.

CAUTION: Amateurs should not attempt to move a swarm of bees.

Kipps-Bolton has been keeping bees since 1988 in his native England and now lives in California where he has a bee removal business. He is the author of the book, Start Beekeeping by Next Weekend and has put out a DVD called Swarm Collection. He also maintains two websites about bees: Bees on the Net and The Bee Advocate.

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Title: Relocating a swarm of bees
Author/Creators: Geoff Kipps-Bolton, Tom Carroll
Website: http://www.bees-on-the-net.com/
Decription: Geoff Kipps-Bolton goes through the steps required to relocate a swarm of bees.
Subject: Bees. Bee culture.
Date: July 10, 2012
Item Type: videorecording
Digital Format: .mov
Duration: 00:09:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Digital Publisher: Escondido Public Library
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